Terms & Conditions


Please read all these terms and conditions.

WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD can accept your booking and make a legally enforceable agreement without further reference to you, You must read these terms and conditions to make sure that they contain all that you want and nothing that you are not happy with.

1) All equipment hired remains the property of WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD

2) During the period of hire, the client (person named on contract/booking) shall be solely responsible for the hired goods (except where a member of staff from WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD is present)

3) WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property how so ever sustained arising from our goods under hire.

4) The contract for the hire of goods is between WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD and the client, not the venue unless goods are being hired directly by the venue. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the venue is clearly instructed so that the terms and conditions are met.

5) Damage Deposits – a damage deposit may be payable in addition to the hire charges, to cover damages to hired goods on any item that is not supervised by a member of staff at WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD This will be confirmed at the time of booking, then invoiced out prior to your event or with your final balance invoice and will be returned, to the booking party once all hired stock has been checked at the venue. One damage deposit will be applied if more than 1 item is hired.

6) Shortages and damages to hired goods will be charged at full replacement value inclusive of VAT and delivery to WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD No substitute item will be accepted by WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD

7) WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD will inform the client within 24 hours of any damages and again within 7 days, in writing of any damages and costs concerning any of the hired goods. An invoice will be sent outlining amount of damage and costs exceeding the damage deposit.

8) The damage deposit, minus any deductions for loss or damage will be returned within 30 days of hire date. If no deductions are required, the damages deposit will be returned within 1 day of the event.

9) Starlight Backdrop & swaging, freestanding drapes and Starlight LED Dance floors are to be put up, taken down and moved only by WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD unless authorised in writing by WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD. If any of these hire items have been moved or taken down, without authorisation, this will result in the forfeit of any damage deposit paid. To gain authorisation from WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD for any of these items to be moved by someone other than WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD staff, a written agreement will be given to the client, which will advise that the person(s) moving the items will be liable for any costs incurred, if damage should happen. Clients are responsible for advising their venue/room hirer of the above. Staff from WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS can be hired to return to a venue to move hired items if this is not included in the original agreement, price to be requested by client. Travel costs will be incurred, regardless of distance of venue from WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD.

10) Charges will be made for any damaged goods including goods that have been dragged on the floor, ground in earth stains, burns, holes, rips and tears, candle wax, grease or deep staining.

11) No food or drink is to be consumed on the LED Dance floors, Charges will be made for any liquid damage & smashed glass.

12) Breakages of glassware on the Candy Cart must be reported to us immediately and the cart closed, this is to meet Health & Safety Laws and to prevent glass contamination in the sweets for yours and your guest’s safety. Allergies are to be advised 6 weeks before your event, WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD cannot be held responsible for issues arriving from allergies that we were not notified off. Children should be supervised at all times whilst at the Candy Cart.

13) Damaged goods remain the property of WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD.

14) A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking with WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD. Once we have received this deposit for your booking, we are committed to providing you with our service and you will receive a full confirmation of hire. We often turn down enquirers because we are fully booked and committed to our clients. Because we regularly turn down potential bookings, we have a cancellation policy in place which ensures that minimum loss is made by our business and also offers protection for the client. However, the clients have 14 days from the date their deposit is paid in which to cancel the booking without fore fitting any monies. The exception to this is if the booking date is within the 14-day period. If such case occurs, the client is subject to the below cancellation fees, Cancelling your booking with WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD automatically forfeits any deposit paid to secure your booking. If you cancel with more than 8 weeks before the function date, no further payment will be due. Cancellation between the following time frames will incur a further charge on top of retainer fee: 8 weeks – 6 weeks – 25% of total bill will be required to be paid 6 weeks – 4 weeks – 50% of total bill will be required to be paid 4 weeks – 3 week – 75% of total bill will be required to be paid 3 weeks – Event Date – Full payment will be required to be paid
Once the account is settled, no refunds will be made. If we are unable to contact you to settle your account within 6 weeks of your function, your booking will be cancelled by WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD and the above cancellation fees will be apply. In the unlikely event of WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD having to cancel the provision of our services to you, it is our policy to provide a full refund of monies paid to date. Fortunately, we have never had to cancel on a client. Instances beyond our control may include vehicle failure, severe weather conditions, equipment failure and sickness, however we always make the utmost effort to pre-empt and avoid these situations and a sub-contractor’s services, at cost to WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD may be called upon to fulfill your booking.

15) Terms and conditions are subject to change by WEDDING.PARTYPLANNERSLTD at any time. It is the client’s responsibility to check these terms and conditions on our Face book page:

16) By making a booking and paying your retainer fee to WEDDING PARTY PLANNERS LTD you are agreeing to all of the above Terms and Conditions.